CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Wash thoroughly with mild soap BEFORE the first use and AFTER every use. Based on our experience, the masks hang dry within a couple of hours.


NOTE:  We do not recommend it for people with asthma, allergies or other lung problems. Please consult your doctor for the best mask for you ♡

Face Mask (Small) with Adjustable Ear Loop

  • These are non-medical grade BUT reversible, 3 ply, and water resistant. At this point, we all need any kind of protection that we can get. Our fabric mask has a slit in the middle so you can insert another filter if you want. But if you are tamad  like us 🤭 we already made sure that it has a built-in microfiber material so it repels water and fluids. It is washable (mild soap is best) and hangs dry within a couple of hours. Stay cute while being protected ♡ Handmade in the Philippines.


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